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Transform the way you generate and refine content with Magai’s revolutionary AI tools and intuitive Chat interface powered by ChatGPT + GPT-4.


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Do more with ChatGPT

In addition to never losing your chat history, Magai adds much-needed functionality to help you work smarter, and stay more organized.

Stay Organized

Create Chat Folders

The more you use ChatGPT, the more you realized how desperately you need to stay organized. With Magai, we make it easy.

Blog Post Drafts

14 Chats

Email Campaigns

10 Chats


5 Chats

better chatgpt ui

Boost productivity

1,000 words in 1 min

Easy to use

User friendly

Real-time URLs

While ChatGPT might be unable to read a website in real time, Magai can! Just paste a link in your message and Magai will relay the contents of the URL to ChatGPT.

Save Prompts for Later

Easily access your most powerful prompts

Got a prompt, product description, or other details that you find yourself needing over and over? Save them to your Prompt Library and access them instantly within your chats.

100% Uptime

Never lose access

Always Available

Even if ChatGPT goes down!

Never Lose Your History

If ChatGPT goes down, your history is still accessible

Your chats are stored safely on Magai’s servers, so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing when ChatGPT is encountering issues.

And even more

Our growing list of features help you take Chat-based AI assistance to the next level.

Beautiful AI Chat Interface with GPT-4

Enjoy a seamless experience with ChatGPT powered by GPT-4 with enhanced capabilities that help you accomplish more.

ChatGPT may not have the ability to read URLs in real time. But Magai can, and will help ChatGPT understand the context of your URL so you don’t have to.

Side-by-Side Document Collaboration

When you’re building a long-form piece of content with ChatGPT, you shouldn’t have to switch back and forth between tabs. Build your document right inside the chat!

40+ AI Personas for Greater Results

Our expertly engineered Chat Personas give you the added edge that comes with ChatGPT system messages. Crafted to give you better outcomes with less work.

One-Click Saved Prompts

Save and reuse prompts with a single click of a button. Access your saved prompts right from within the chat at any time.

Chat Folders to Stay Organized

Looking through an endless list of chats is no fun. Magai allows you to create as many Folders as you need to help keep your conversations organized.

Separate Work, Personal, and Side-hustle

One account, multiple brands. Keep your work and personal chats separated by creating multiple Brands inside of Magai.

Full Conversation History Control

Edit ChatGPT’s responses to fix any errors, or clarify details so that each following AI response is more in tune with what you need.

AI Image Tools Under the Same Roof

Generate stunning images, remove backgrounds, replace backgrounds, and upscale all with the power of AI in one editor.

AI Assistant




Chat History

AI Personas

Saved Prompts

What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Magai?



starts at $9/mo

Chat Interface

Chat History

Search / Filter Chats

Chat Folders

Read Any Webpage

Advanced AI Personas

Custom AI Personas

Saved Prompts

Multiple Brands Management

Edit AI Responses

Multiple Users

Multiple Chat Contributors

One-click Duplicate Chats

Make Chats Public

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You’ll get 10,000 free words to use during your trial period. Upgrade or cancel any time.




20 000 words (GPT-4)

200 000 words (GPT-3.5)

2 Brands

1 User

ChatGPT + GPT-4

Chat Folders

40+ AI Personas

Saved Prompts


Image Generator

Background Remover

Background Replacer

Image Upscaler




65 000 words (GPT-4)

650 000 words (GPT-3.5)

20 Brands

5 Team Members

ChatGPT + GPT-4

Chat Folders

40+ AI Personas

Saved Prompts


Image Generator

Background Remover

Background Replacer

Image Upscaler




200 000 words (GPT-4)

2 000 000 words (GPT-3.5)

50 Brands

20 Team Members

ChatGPT + GPT-4

Chat Folders

40+ AI Personas

Saved Prompts


Image Generator

Background Remover

Background Replacer

Image Upscaler




450 000 words (GPT-4)

4 500 000 words (GPT-3.5)

Unlimited Brands

50 Team Members

All Features




1 000 000 words (GPT-4)

10 000 000 words (GPT-3.5)

Unlimited Brands

100 Team Members

All Features

100% no-risk money back guarantee


What people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what members of our friendly community have to say about us

I’ve used multiple AI tools in the past. Most have not given me the results that I wanted. Magai has been more on than off and that’s amazing. I love thinking of something, typing out the idea, and seeing Magai create content that can be used as-is or with slight tweaking. I can’t wait to see where Magai goes from here.


Joe Lalonde


I was constantly struggling with other AI software options that only gave me generic results and nickel and dimed me with plan limitations.
Magai has helped me unlock so much more potential through its chat personas, guided post generator, and a whole suite of tools that I never even thought AI could provide. And the customer support is very responsive too!


Justin Nava

Nava Church Marketing

Magai is quickly becoming a daily go-to tool for myself and my team. I particularly love the personas which really help give me the best possible results.


James Brooks

Brooks Creative Co.

As an avid ChatGPT user, I am well aware of the platform’s limitations in terms of user interface and functionality. Magai addresses these issues, and then some! I really like the ability to save prompts, edit conversations, and create different personas.  I’m just so much more productive with Magai.


Kim Reynolds

Kim Reynolds Digital

I’m so amazed at what Magai has allowed me to accomplish. Being able to organize my ChatGPT chats has been so nice. And the personas make it really easy to get better results than just using the generic assistant mode.


Catarina Stout

Olive Knowles Christian School

Magai is everything you wish OpenAI was but isn’t. The most compelling reason why I love Magai is having the ability to organize my prompts and chats in folders. This was a huge breath of digital fresh air for me as an AI user and as someone who manages the brands of my clients. My ONE word challenge to you is this: SUBSCRIBE. You won’t regret the Magai Magic! 😎


Greg Cross

Glimpse Video


Is Magai the same as ChatGPT?
Yes! But better. Magai uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT (GPT-4) API to interface with ChatGPT for you. So you get all the power of the worlds most advanced AI with additional tools and utilities to skyrocket your productivity.
Do I need a ChatGPT account to use Magai?
Nope! Magai is a standalone app that gives you the full power of ChatGPT inside of a beautiful interface with additional features that you can’t get with OpenAI’s native ChatGPT app.
What are the different Personas available in Magai right now?
We have over 40+ Personas built into Magai, and we’re constantly adding more based on user feedback. Personas include things such as Expert Copywriter, Customer Support, Debate Expert, Life Coach, Regex Generator—yes, some of the personas are utilities as well! You can sign up for a free trial to explore all the personas in detail.
How can I save prompts in Magai and use them later?
There are two ways you can save prompts inside of Magai. 1) Right from your chat you can tap on one of your prompts and click the “Save” icon to save it to your library. 2) You can also manually create a prompt (text or image) at any time from the Saved Prompts tab. To access and use one of your saved prompts, from the chat you just click on the View menu a then click on Saved Prompts menu and a searchable list of your prompts will appear.
Are there any usage limitations based on my subscription plan?
The basic plan limits are mostly based on the amount of words you can generate. The Personal plan does not include any of the Image Generation tools, and is limited to only 2 Brands. All other plans include Image Generation tools as well as increased word limits and Brands.
Are there any future features planned that I can look forward to?
We’ve got big plans for Magai. Our near future roadmap includes things such as Document Export options, Team Functionality, Custom Personas, Sharable Chats, and Import/Export features for the chats themselves. We’ll be keeping a rough Roadmap with all planned features and additions.
How often does Magai update its AI algorithms for improved performance?
We’re keeping a close eye on everything OpenAI is doing. When they make an upgrade to their AI Models, we’ll be implementing it as quickly as possible so Magai users will always be on the cutting edge.
Can I use Magai to create and edit documents?
Yes! Each Chat you start has a Document attached to it. You can open up this document to work side-by-side with your chat conversation.
What are Chat Personas?
When it comes to ChatGPT—and more specifically, GPT-4—the AI will take on whatever personality or perspective you give to it. Think of it as giving the AI a specific frame of reference from which to answer your questions. A well-crafted Persona will result in the AI producing much more effective content for your specific needs. It’s taking the AI from a “generalist” to a “specialist” for a given task.
Is there a free trial available for Magai?
Yes! You can start a 7-day free trial of Magai and access all features. You get 10,000 words to play with while trialing the app so you can thoroughly explore before deciding if it’s right for your needs.
What happens if I reach the word limit in my plan? Do I get locked out?
tl;dr – We’ll let you keep going, but using the standard ChatGPT AI model instead of GPT-4. This is one way Magai is completely different than other AI writing apps. When you choose a plan, your word limit is based on the GPT-4 AI model. This is the most powerful AI Model OpenAI has to offer, and it comes with an appropriately increased API cost. But the Standard ChatGPT AI Model costs significantly less. So in order to make sure you can continue working without interruption, Magai will simply switch your AI Model over to ChatGPT, and give you an additional 10x words based on your original plan. So if you were on the personal plan, and happened to use up your 20,000 (GPT-4) words, we’ll add an additional 200,000 words for you to generate using ChatGPT’s standard AI model. No feature lock-outs, and no forced upgrades. You’re 100% in control.
Can I export chats and documents created in Magai to different file formats (e.g., PDF, Word)?
Not yet. Exporting to PDF, .doc, .txt, and other popular formats is high on our priority list though. Check our Roadmap for updates.

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