ChatGPT vs Magai

The #1 question we get asked is, “How is Magai different than ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus?” This is a great question. And the easiest way to answer that is to compare features side-by-side.




AI Chat


Chat with Multiple AI Models

Anthropic Claude

Google Gemini Pro

Meta Llama 2

Perplexity AI

Chat History

Chat History Search/Filter

Chat Folders

Chat Folders

Saved Prompt Library

Document Editor

Public Chat Links

Custom AIs (or GPTs)

Web Browsing

Auto-fetch YouTube Transcript

Add Team Members

Generate Images (Dall-E 3)

Generate Image (Leonardo)

Generate Video (Leonardo)

Generate Images (SDXL)

Auto-AI Model (Based on Prompt)

Affiliate Program

Non-Profit Discount

Non-Profit Discount

Multiple Workspaces (Brands)

Plugin Store

Execute Code (Code Interpreter)

Increase Usage Limits