Magai Updates: March 2024

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Are we really already through the first quarter of 2024? 🤯 I guess time flies when you’re building like crazy.

Let’s take a walk through all the Magai product updates for March and see what we’ve accomplished.

Claude 3 Arrives!


In case you missed it, Anthropic released their newest models into the world: Claude 3 Opus and Claude 3 Sonnet. They also announced a future model called Claude 3 Haiku, but haven’t yet released it.

These models are extremely good, and in many ways out perform GPT-4.

The downfall is that they are significantly more expensive–Opus in particular. And that means that the multiplier attached to Opus is heavy. A 3x multiplier. So use this model with caution if you’re worried about burning through your monthly word quota.

I anticipate these costs will go down over time. In order for Anthropic to stay competitive, they will have to reduce the cost of their models.

Claude 3 Haiku & Google Gemma


While these aren’t the most intelligent models around, they are blazing fast and can handle simple tasks at lightning speed at a very low cost.

Multi-Team Accounts


We’ve hand more than a few users encounter conflicts when they wanted to be a part of another user’s Team, while also maintaining their own Team separately. However, it was only possible for Magai accounts to belong to one team.

Today that changes!

Whether you’re a Team owner or just a member, you will now see the “Create New Team” button in the top right corner of the page. When you click it you’ll be asked to give the Team a name and then select which Plan you would like to subscribe to for that team.


You will then be able to switch between your various teams using the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

New Invite User Flow


Previously when inviting a new member to your Team, it didn’t give you much control over what those new members would have access to once they accepted your invite. It created a lot of confusion.

Now, when you go to invite a new user, a popup window will allow you to determine access and permissions for that new user before the invite gets sent.

Control Who Can Create Workspaces


You will now see an extra option for each member in your team that will allow you to control whether or not that member can create new Workspaces.

Prompt Folders


Many users have asked to have the ability to organize their Saved Prompts into Folders. You now have that ability from the Saved Prompts page. In our next update we’ll be adding this ability and function right into the Chat and Editor pages.

Pin Prompts + Prompt Folders

You now will also have the ability to Pin Saved Prompts and Prompt Folders as well–just like you can with chats. Again, this functionality is only available on the Saved Prompts page, and will be added to the Chats and Editor pages in the next update.

Tooltips for Better Context


Sometimes it’s hard to remember what a button that is only an icon represents. Previously, when you hovered over a button icon, it took a few seconds for the description of that item to pop up. These are referred to as “Tooltips” in the web design world.

As of today, we’ve added super responsive and helpful tooltips throughout the app where we felt they were necessary. This is a continued effort across the app to make sure context around features is always seamless and easy to find.

Import ChatGPT Chats


Want to bring your ChatGPT chats over to Magai for safe keeping or to continue them over here with the added benefits that Magai has to offer? Now you can!

Import Prompts & Personas


Importing your Chats is a big deal for people—especially those who are coming to Magai for the first time and have been using ChatGPT for a while beforehand.

But importing Prompts & Personas is an even bigger deal… here’s why:

There are thousands of amazing prompt engineers creating high level prompts. And this one feature gives them the ability to allow people to purchase and upload their prompts right into Magai.

This allows creators to monetize their libraries of prompts (or personas) in the simplest possible way. The popup has a link to download the sample .csv so you can see how it needs to be formatted.

And this is one more step closer to another big addition… community-sourced Prompt + Personas library/marketplace. This will be a place where users can share their Prompts & Personas with one another freely and browse through community contributions.

Hoping to have this ready by the end of the month!

Scroll to Top/Bottom Fixed (and Moved)


When we introduced the Sidebar into the Chat interface, we neglected to realize that would interfere with the Scroll to Top/Bottom button. We’ve fixed that, moved it over to the bottom right of the page, and it’s now working beautifully again.

Faster Chat Responses

We’ve made a huge upgrade to the infrastructure powering Magai’s Chat interface. You will now see as much as a 10x increase in response time when you send a prompt to any model.


This also comes with increased reliability, better error handling, and unlocks some future capabilities that we’re still working on. 😎

New Leonardo Models

You’ll now see two new Leonardo models available:

  • Leonardo Lightning XL
  • Leonardo Anime XL
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.59.38 PM.png

You can find the details by hovering over them. Personally, I think I’ll be using Lightning as my default from now on.

New Support Software

Over the past year, the live chat support widget we’ve used has had some issues. The biggest issues were that some support messages just weren’t coming through.


Intercom is the support software we’re now using, and it will come with a whole host of benefits you’ll see come in the following weeks. We’ll also be moving all of our support documentation to their platform as well.

You’ll also notice that it has an AI powered support bot that will answer your queries immediately. I’ve tried many different AI support bots, and until now haven’t trusted any of them for our customers. After some thorough testing, I believe Intercom’s Fin is more than capable after being loaded up with our current knowledge base. And if for some reason Fin can’t answer your Magai questions, our support team will take over ASAP.

Temporary Removal of Background Replace & Upscale

Unfortunately the company who provided the APIs for the Background Replace and Upscale features inside Magai’s Editor decided to sell to a larger company who increased the cost of these tools 1,000%. This obviously made it unsustainable for us to continue using them.

Fortunately, there are other AI products we can integrate with which will do as well, if not better. We hope to have them released before the end of next week.

Wrapping Up March

We pushed a lot of updates, and April will bring even more. Cheers!

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