What if I reach my plan word limit?

Magai has currently two tiers of word usage; Advanced words and Standard words. Advanced words are generated by GPT-4 or Claude, while Standard words are generated by Claude Instant or GPT-3.5.

If you run out of Advanced words, Magai will allow you to continue generating content beyond that limit but using the Standard ChatGPT AI models. And if you run out of all your words both Advanced and Standard words you can still access everything in the app like editing your chats and documents. In short, you won’t get locked out of the app but you cannot generate any new content.

When you reach the word limit for your plan, the following will happen:

  • Magai will automatically switch your AI model from the Advanced GPT-4 or Claude models to the Standard GPT-3.5 or Claude Instant models.
  • You will not be locked out of the app but you cannot generate any new content including chats and images.

The standard ChatGPT AI models are still very capable, though not as advanced as GPT-4 or Claude. But it allows Magai to offer you additional content capacity at no extra cost, beyond your plan’s base word limit.

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Updated on December 28, 2023