What AI models does Magai have access to?

Magai proudly offers access to a comprehensive suite of AI models tailored to cater to a variety of user needs in chat and image generation. Here’s the updated list of models available for our users:

Chat Models:

  1. GPT-3.5: An intermediate iteration before GPT-4, this model offers powerful language understanding and generation abilities for a wide range of applications, including conversation, composition, and code.
  2. GPT-4: An AI chat model with over 20 billion parameters, GPT-4 improves upon GPT-3.5 with even better context understanding and generation of coherent, consistent responses.
  3. Claude Instant (200k context): Developed by Anthropic, this model maintains context over 100,000 characters and is adept at generating multi-sentence responses to complex queries.
  4. Claude 2.1 (200k context): An upgraded version of Claude Instant, this model boasts improved parameters and enhanced performance across a diverse array of tasks.
  5. PaLM 2: Google’s next-gen large language model excelling at advanced reasoning tasks, including those involving code, math, classification, and question answering, alongside impressive multilingual capabilities.
  6. Llama 2: An open-source large language model from Meta, it is well-regarded for performance benchmarks, including coding, proficiency, and knowledge tests.
  7. Perplexity: PPLX 70B Online (4,096 context): A larger chat model by Perplexity Labs, tailored to provide helpful, up-to-date, and factual responses, built on the Llama 2 70B architecture.
  8. Perplexity: PPLX 7B Online (4,096 context): A more accessible model based on Mistral 7B, focused on delivering timely and accurate information in a cost-effective package.
  9. Auto: A unique model that deterministically selects the most suitable AI model for the user’s input to ensure optimal response quality and efficiency.

Image Generation Models:

  1. DALL·E 3: An OpenAI image generation model capable of producing images from text descriptions, utilizing CLIP to ensure close alignment between imagery and text prompts.
  2. Leonardo.ai: An industrial-grade image generation tool that creates high-resolution and complex composition images from textual descriptions.
  3. Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL): A text-to-image model by Stability AI requiring minimal input to create complex, detailed, and visually compelling imagery.

As we continue to embrace the forefront of AI technology, expect to see further additions to our roster, including future advancements such as GPT-5 and others in development. For the latest updates and features, keep an eye on our public roadmap.

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Updated on January 10, 2024