Sharing Chats and Setting Content Restrictions in Magai

Question: How do I share a chat with a team member? Can I restrict what content and prompts the team members get access to?

Magai allows you to easily share chat conversations, folders, images, and other content with your team members for collaboration. However, you have full control over what exactly gets shared and who has access.

By default, all content like chats, folders, images and prompts created in your Magai account are private. But you can selectively choose to make them visible and accessible to other users on your team.

How to Share a Chat

To share a specific chat conversation with your team:

Open the chat you want to share.

Click the “Share with team” option. Select “Yes” to share the chat or “No” to keep it private.

Once shared, all users on your team will be able to view and continue the conversation.

Restricting Access to Certain Content

You can restrict your teammates’ access to some sensitive content, files or chat prompts if needed. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • When sharing a chat, folders or files – Click “No” instead of “Yes” to deny access.
  • Move any private prompts, files or folders to a restricted section that is not visible to others.
  • Delete or do not save any chats, files or information that needs to remain confidential within your account.

This allows you to collaborate transparently while also maintaining privacy for restricted data or intellectual property. Your team members will only be able to access content that has been explicitly shared with them.