How to upload photos to Magai’s AI editor

As of now, Magai’s abilities to edit images are limited when working with uploaded images.

When uploading an image within the Magai Image Editor, you have the following options to manipulate the uploaded image:

Background Remover

The background remover tool allows you to remove the background from an uploaded image, leaving just the foreground object. To use this, upload an image and click the “remove background” button on the left side of the image editor. Magai will then isolate and remove the image background.

Background Replacer

Similar to the background remover, the background replacer allows you to replace the background of an uploaded image with a new background of your choice. Upload an image and click the “replace background” button located on the left side of the image editor. Magai will replace the uploaded image background with your requested new background.

Image Upscaler

The image upscaler tool can increase the resolution and quality of an uploaded image. Upload a lower resolution image and click the “upscale image” option. Magai will enhance the resolution and detail of the uploaded photo.


While these image editing tools provide basic manipulation of uploaded photos, Magai does not currently have the ability to use an uploaded image as the starting point or “base” for new image generations. The app is not able to generate new images based on semantic descriptions when provided an initial image to reference or build upon. Uploaded images can only be processed using the background and resolution tools available.

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Updated on December 28, 2023