Exporting Chats and Documents from Magai

Question: Can I export chats and documents created in Magai to different file formats (e.g., PDF, Word)?

Magai currently does not support exporting chats and documents to other file formats such as PDF, Word, and Text. Exporting content in these commonly used formats is on our roadmap and we hope to add this feature soon.

While Magai does not yet have an export feature, here is a workaround to save and share content from Magai:

• Copy and paste – The simplest method is to copy the content from Magai and paste it into a document in the desired file format. This works for short to medium length texts.

Please check our Roadmap and release notes for updates on when we plan to add exporting to PDF, Word and other formats. In the meantime, the option mentioned above can help you save and share Magai content.